a cure for the common block

On The Fence

The young gentleman sauntered into Bub’s Dubbed Subs – established by ‘Bub’ Grey, serving cleverly ‘dubbed’ customized subs – with the self-assurance of a stoner walking into a safe space. Studying the menu he dismissed the ‘Mary Jane’ (plain ham, pickles, lettuce), eschewed the Green Machine (lettuce, kale, spinach, pickles, guacamole), but pondered over the 4 Twenties (four subs weighing twenty ounces each). One customer wondered why the kid had been standing there for ten minutes without saying anything, but Gregory was a regular and Bub knew to just give him time. Greg took a step forward and Bub asked “The usual?” Greg nodded with a smile and Bub handed him the large bag containing the twenty-ounce subs, having used the time wisely. “Tell the guys I said ‘Hi’!” the owner shouted as Greg gave a flick of his wrist and waved two saluting fingers upon his exit.

#ShortShortStories #OnTheFence


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