a cure for the common block

Ancient History

Martin glanced at the package sitting at his neighbor’s doorstep, and when he saw it was addressed to “Kira” he was transported to another time in his life. He was dating an older woman, a woman whose child bore the same name as his neighbor. Once things got serious the two were introduced, but the precocious tike would only ever call him “Texas”, where he had traveled to Australia from. They slowly lost touch after the job that brought him into their lives sent him back to Texas. He suddenly realized he’d been staring at the package the entire time when the door opened and a young woman was staring at him, sending him into a flurry of apologies that made the girl giggle. He introduced himself and offered his hand, and worried he had done something to offend her based on the look on her face. When she asked “Texas?” he almost collapsed to the ground.

#ShortShortStories #AncientHistory


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