a cure for the common block

Hot Lips is Back in Town

The sickly sweet scent of Ms. Napier’s perfume lingered long after the rude customer had left. Miranda was eager for her shift to end, not just because minimum wage wasn’t enough for her to deal with the ignorant indignation of needy customers, but because she was finally going on a date. Her friends thought she should have started dating 6 months earlier, but something felt wrong about only waiting a year after her fiancee had passed away; she wasn’t superstitious she just wanted to be respectful. Of course she had plenty of suitors, from the moment her ring came off men had been throwing themselves at her, showing their “sympathy” for what she had gone through. To Miranda, however, only one person had caught her attention after Paul died. The real reason she postponed the dating scene was out of guilt for her feelings for Faisal, a young man she met in a support group she joined to help cope with loss.

#ShortShortStories #HotLipsIsBackInTown

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