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Concerns of the Dead/Life Time Pt. II

(In other words, make sure you’ve already read “Life Time”, the post before this)

While Mark inhaled Niesha’s perfume and imagined all he would inflict upon her, a voice kept speaking from the back of her mind, an urging of confidence and courage. Her eyes focused on a single razor blade next to her right hand then glanced at her kneeling assailant’s forehead. He had a throbbing supratrochlear vein and she remembered from medical school how much blood loss can result from cutting veins on the scalp. She carefully slid the razor between her fingers and just as he began to dig into the details of what he had planned for Niesha, she swung her open palm across his forehead. Mark was sent reeling back, covering his wound in an ultimately futile attempt to staunch the blood loss. She was frantic to convince the police it was self-defense, but as soon as they found the hardware store in the trunk of Mark Warren’s car they knew what had happened, and what could have happened.

#ShortShortStories #ConcernsOfTheDead #LifeTimePartII


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