a cure for the common block

Preventative Medicine

The Andersens walked through the parking garage after their day at the mall, Stoljer and Anya each holding one of Andrej’s hands as they counted “One.. two..” and lifting him as he jumped on three. A moment later Anya caught a whiff of the damp musk of cigar smoke and physically backed away, attempting to escape it as she waved her hand in front of her face. When the security guard smoking the cigar came from around the corner Stoljer requested he put it out, in his excessively polite way “Would you mind, please,” reading his name tag “Gus?” The septuagenarian obliged, extinguishing it as they passed him on the way to their car, then immediately struck a match and re-lit it as they drove off. Red meat, whiskey, poker; his cigars were the only vice Gus was still able to indulge in – at work, away from his doctor and his wife.

#ShortShortStories #PreventativeMedicine

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