a cure for the common block


Cole took the stage to perform for the Spring Formal, taking one final glance at his best friend Nancy off-stage. It was the culmination of their weeks of rehearsals in his grand gesture: an attempt to woo the head cheerleader, Rose Harmon. He strummed his guitar and spoke into the microphone, “Do you like American music?” His eyes glanced between the audience and his guitar as he began the Violent Femmes song. He looked directly at Rose on the verse “Everytime I look at that ugly moon/It reminds me of you”, causing Nancy to cringe and hope he hadn’t ruined all hope. Cole’s eyes remained locked on Rose’s, and she had to admit she was flattered by an underclassman dedicating a song to her. Nancy clenched her fists as she watched Cole performing, denying the flutter of her heart was anything other than nerves – until Cole hit the line “I need a date to the Prom”, and immediately spun 90 degrees toward her on “Would you like to come along?” He walked toward her as he continued his serenade, a change in plans he made when they picked out the song and gushed over their love of it, going off on tangents and talking for hours about life, the universe, everything. He realized that Rose was just a pretty face in a crowd, but Nancy could touch his soul as deeply as few other things, like music.

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