a cure for the common block

Dear Sis,

Despite being identical twins, Rima and Rami had dramatically different personalities; Rima held quiet reserve while Rami could only have a good time if he was surrounded by people. But they still had their private time – their secrets – and Rima cherished that Rami never shared anything confided in private. They drifted apart in college and reunited after 6 years of silence triggered when Rami joined an environmental activist group that traveled constantly and eschewed modern technology. Rima bit her nails, her stomach in knots over what to expect, but when he walked in the diner they both laughed their cacophonous, from-the-diaphragm laugh, startling the other patrons. They had always scoffed at news stories about long lost twins connecting and having “eerie” similarities because it was always something trivial like their favorite beer; meanwhile, Rima and Rami were dressed and styled exactly the same and for the first time in their lives actually looked identical.

#ShortShortStories #DearSis


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