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Requiem for a Lightweight

Oskar stood in awe of the murmuration. Vinny’s droning voice faded into the background as Oskar devoted his attention to the spectacle of nature, flowing like a body of water teeming with life. At one point the gathering seemed to form a hand reaching out toward him until it disappeared with a flourish as the starlings changed course. He was afforded few opportunities to see such beautiful sights live, so he was not going to miss a single second of this one and would memorize every moment. The birds began moving farther to the left and Oskar craned his neck trying to keep them in view from his window, but eventually they were gone. He remained vigilant for several more minutes in the hopes the flock would return, but his attention was startled when a guard clanged his flashlight against the bars of Oskar’s cell, asking what he was staring at.

#ShortShortStories #RequiemForALightweight


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