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Cementing Relationships

Senna and Foro went out, hoping to get a good walk before the downpour headed their way. The clouds menaced with darkness but they made it to the park and even made a jogging lap, until they ran into Jen and Jem wearing matching raincoats. They both looked at Jem and had the same thought run through their heads “I am so embarrassed for you.” Senna and Jen made small talk while Foro just sat in silent judgment, even Jem seemed to look a little embarrassed. The worst was that neither of them could comprehend the depth of the sadness of the situation; dogs can barely understand the glowing box their humans love so much when they’re watching a video of another dog, or a cat, let alone their human scouring hundreds of stores trying to find a raincoat for a dog that matches one she bought on sale last year – but Senna could. As she – still soaking herself – patted Foro down with the towel, Senna assured him that she’d rather have a wet, smelly, happy dog than a fresh, dry, humiliated dog.

#ShortShortStories #CementingRelationships


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