a cure for the common block

Pressure Points

Roger sat in his favorite chair reading his favorite book when a passage caught his attention and stirred up an old memory he had forgotten. This was troubling because Roger had perfect recall, there was nothing he had “forgotten”. He explored the memory, inspecting every detail looking for clues. It was an innocuous memory – a picnic in his backyard with a childhood friend – but it wasn’t there before and he wanted to find out why. Examining their shirts he realized that hers was sold at a garage sale a few months before he got his, it was an impossible event – which meant it had been implanted. Despite his ability, Roger lived a normal, almost quaint life, he couldn’t fathom a reason why someone would want to do this to him. He unraveled under the paranoia, while the agency that had done this to him were long on their way to the actual target, Roger was just a guinea pig.

#ShortShortStories #PressurePoints


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