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Follies of the Living

Everything can change in a moment of hesitation. A couple seconds debating to check a phone alert, a half-second deciding whether to continue peddling through oncoming traffic, run with groceries to make the crosswalk. Or not. Benjamin kept his eyes on the road as he turned his phone on – glancing down for only a moment – however it was his hesitation, his car slowing ever-so-slightly that determined his fate. Likewise Meagan, the moment of coasting before deciding to keep peddling her bike would lead to the collision with Benjamin’s truck. Emily Gloster, however, didn’t think for a moment when she started running with her groceries to beat the truck, still half-a-block away; but that mental impetus proved too physically challenging and she tripped to the ground. Her bag flung forward sending her produce, soup cans, and various sundries rolling across the ground, startling Benjamin and Meagan into screeching halts. Everything can change in a moment of hesitation, or lack thereof.

#ShortShortStories #FolliesOfTheLiving


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