a cure for the common block


Holly kissed Zeke deeply as her fingers tussled his hair. He smiled at her and lit a cigarette, rolling down the rear-passenger side window as his brother Jude drove them to the party. They had been dating for three months and she was in pleasant denial of the inevitable, they were 17 and in love. Holly felt a certain sense of unease traveling so far outside the city for a party – unable so see anything outside the car other than corn fields – but a glance up made her eyes open as wide as wells to take in the galactic night sky. She slid over to Zeke’s side, enveloping him in her arms as she looked up at it. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”, Zeke asked. She nodded with her mouth agape, in wonder of the Universe. “I look up at this every night and see the Majesty of God,” he said as he looked outward, while her eyes turned down to him. Those words brought an epiphany to Holly, that Ezekiel would not choose the English life, he would not choose her; when the time came he would return to his community.

#ShortShortStories #Springtime


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