a cure for the common block


Cal’s eyes welled up as he turned the pages of the photo album, remembering his little sister. It had been so long since she passed that he had forgotten what color her eyes were, and he never wanted to forget anything about the bravest… second bravest person to ever touch his life. Angela had been diagnosed with leukemia when she was just 9 and was gone before she turned 10; his family had misread the signs and waited too long to get her to the doctor. While she was being treated, Cal educated himself on everything about leukemia – especially the symptoms. Tears fell onto the plastic pouches and he wiped his face and snotty nose with his sleeve as he remembered the day the doctor confirmed his worst fears. “But,” the doctor emphasized that he had never diagnosed anyone this early, giving him very strong odds and hope for remission. “Did I ever tell you about your Aunt Angela?” Cal asked with a tearful smile as he turned to his son in the hospital bed.

#ShortShortStories #Bombshells


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