a cure for the common block

The Surprise Party

Courtney wrapped her arms around Alan like a seat belt – around his waist and across his chest – as they watched a cheesy 50s sci-fi flick. They had been best friends for nearly a decade and frequently exchanged “I love you”s, but something had changed and Courtney found herself falling for him. He got sick while she was out of town, to the point of hospitalization, and her utter helplessness to offer him anything other than words on a screen or a disembodied voice hit her hard and made her realize how much he meant to her. As they laid together and laughed together she told him she loved him for the thousandth time, and as she stared at the curve of his jaw wishing he would turn just a little, his head angled just a bit as he told her he loved her, too, and somehow she knew that he felt the same way.

#ShortShortStories #TheSurpriseParty

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