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A Matter of Life and Breath

Leonard tried easing his anxiety by listening to a playlist he created of relaxing, upbeat songs from his childhood when he noticed his mother calling him. Assuming it was just her 17th “daily check-up” he ignored it and continued listening, but when she immediately called again he feared it-could-be-something-important-and-his-anxiety-spiked! In a panic he turned off his phone, not wanting bad news to send him into a full-blown panic attack. He turned off all the lights and crawled into bed, his sleep disturbed by a pounding at his door not long after. He opened the door to see his red-faced mother, tears rolling down her cheeks; she squealed with delight, wrapping her arms around him and smiling with relief before taking a breath and smacking him upside his head for making her worry. She was just checking on him, but when he didn’t answer her four calls she feared the worst and drove half-an-hour to make sure he was okay, panicking every mile.

#ShortShortStories #AMatterOfLifeAndBreath

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