a cure for the common block

Blood is Thicker

Paul carefully cleaned each individual part and then re-assembled the gun given to him by his father on his thirteenth birthday. He never fired it – as a matter of fact he hated guns – but it represented a moment, a man trying to bond with a son he didn’t understand, and he would always take care of it. He never officially came out to his father, and his father never brought it up, but he never tried to change him, never forbid him from anything (except the reasonable stuff that every parent worries about), and when all else failed they could always sit and watch a show together. Earl never got the chance to tell Paul how proud he was of him, that he loved him no matter what, and that after losing Paul’s mother he had to hold on to the family he had left that much tighter.

#ShortShortStories #BloodIsThicker

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