a cure for the common block

Home Sweet Home

Bonnie laced up her shoes and began her morning jog, repeating what her doctor had told her like a mantra: “returning to routines helps us heal after trauma.” The first week was the worst, she would barely be gone 5 minutes before something panicked her and sent her right back into her house – a yapping terrier, a car honking, and even a squirrel that just got a little too close. She was able to do almost all of her work from home, and her boss sent an assistant to pick up the more sensitive documents rather than make her venture outside more than necessary. Friends and family also helped, bringing groceries and keeping her company. This had become her new routine, but a day before the anniversary of what had happened she realized it had become a crutch, so she stepped out onto her porch, sat down and didn’t budge for 24 hours, sleeping only momentarily – exposing herself to all of her fears – and nothing happened. What she realized the day before was that she survived, so if she could go through that and come out the other end then she could handle anything.

#ShortShortStories #HomeSweetHome


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