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Funny, You Don’t Look It

Lance could tell Jacy was going to launch into a rant before she even picked up the control to pause the film – a sci-fi adventure about a telekinetic superhero – and launch she did. She complained about the cliche of telekinetic characters using their hands to control the manipulation, arguing that if it’s a mental power then the mind is doing all of the work, hands are unnecessary. Little did she know that Lance indeed had such powers and he took the opportunity to educate her without letting his secret out, conceding that hands may be unnecessary, but it also may be that humans are tactile creatures by nature and that we would be compelled to use our hands. The same way someone rocks and veers when they drive a car in a video game; it doesn’t enhance their performance, but it makes them feel like they have more control, which will make them more confident in their performance.

#ShortShortStories #FunnyYouDon’tLookIt


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