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Matter of Silence

Mila danced around the house, carrying her tiny umbrella and pretending to jump in puddles. School was cancelled due to torrential a downpour and flash flood warnings, it was so bad her parents wouldn’t even let her play outside. So she decided to play in the rain inside, complete with raincoat and galoshes. Her mother made soup and grilled cheese, she sat with her father and watched the television; life was good. The next day at school she found out her friend, Jaye, was home sick, but nobody knew what with. Every day Mila wrote Jaye a letter, wishing he would get better and talking about the fun things they would do. A decade after Jaye’s funeral Mila was packing up to go to college when she came across a box of old letters and mementos, including her correspondence with Jaye. They wouldn’t tell her what was wrong at the time, and shortly after they moved she forgot about him. With eyes welling up with tears she walked into the kitchen and asked her mother what had happened, her mother lied about cancer, shielding her from the truth.

#ShortShortStories #MatterOfSilence


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