a cure for the common block

Party Crasher

Whenever Henry visited his friend Calvin he was always confused by the compliments he got from Calvin’s mom, how nice his skin was and how he had a “good nose”. He lost touch with Calvin somewhere in high school and hadn’t thought about him or the compliments until his 23rd birthday. He was sitting on the Q when his watched beeped, announcing the arrival of midnight and shortly thereafter a man in a suit came in from another car already in mid-rant, about “them” and “they”. When he saw Henry he pointed and shambled towards him, stringing together a tangent of slurs and expletives, condemning the “filthy thugs” and filling Henry with a deep discomfort, fearing for his safety until the man said “Not like us, you know?” At which point Calvin’s mom’s words echoed in his mind and it dawned on him that this man didn’t realize he was talking to one of “them”.

#ShortShortStories #PartyCrasher


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