a cure for the common block

Pot Luck

Weller and “Too” didn’t expect to become friends when they first met. Weller Thomas was introduced to Weller Kane by a mutual friend, Kane’s nickname came from a misunderstanding when Thomas introduced himself as “Weller” and Kane responded “Oh, I am, too.” Three years later and they barely ever thought about the mutual, except with regret. They strummed their guitars, tuning them as they waited for a commercial to come on advertising cat food featuring a talking dog; they were high and the absurd concept delighted them to no end. Weller had already started recording so they’d be able to watch it on a loop and just as it came on the doorbell rang. Too got up to answer it in a manic giggle fit that ceased abruptly as soon as he answered the door. Isabella was new to the neighborhood and needed help finding her puppy, and Too suddenly couldn’t care less about a dog shilling for cat food.

#ShortShortStories #PotLuck


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