a cure for the common block

Poor Reception

Lakeisha Greene raised her hand with an “Aqui!” after the noticeable pause following the calling of Jake Granger’s name. Little was more humiliating than being a junior in Spanish 1. It was bad enough that her 3 credits didn’t transfer from her previous high school because they “followed an unorthodox curriculum” – apparently immersion learning is “unproven” – but she could already tell she would face the same ignorance as every school she had attended since 5th grade. She was proud of how hard her parents had worked and appreciated how little they asked from her, but some days she would give up the nice textbooks just to see some familiar faces, and people who understood what her name meant. She finished a weeks worth of homework assignments before the bell rang to dismiss the class, packed her backpack, and walked out into the halls when Jake passed her by and handed her a folded note “Lakeisha”. She paused, unfolded it, and read the short missive from the tall ginger: “I need a tutor and you seem to know a lot. Help???” She laughed to herself, almost upset that she hadn’t thought of the idea herself; by graduation she saved enough to buy a new car.

#ShortShortStories #PoorReception


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