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Fun with Dick and Jane

Dick and Jane galloped across the desert to make true a promise to a dear friend who had waited too late to attempt to fulfill his dream. They had always wanted to compete in this decathlon and swore to him that rather than mourn his death they would register and compete. A competition across the Australian Outback, 10 events, 27 teams, the first team to complete all events and cross the finish line would win: bragging rights, a trophy, and a 3-month, ten-country trip around the world. The duo were in dead last on the last event but they didn’t care, it was an experience that gave them stories that would garner them free drinks for life, instant attention from anyone they met, and – after discovering they actually came in fourth due to some rule violations – an all expenses paid week in a city of their choosing.

#ShortShortStories #FunWithDickAndJane


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