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Looks of Love

Wael pinned the corsage perfectly to the strap of Ana’s dress which didn’t surprise her since he was always sharply dressed, a shoe-in for the “Best Dressed” senior superlative. But graduation was still weeks away and this was a night for them to enjoy each others’ company for the first time since Ana was grounded. In many ways it was a typical prom, the punch was spiked, pranks were played, but in other ways it wasn’t – the couples weren’t all boy-girl, not everyone dressed typically – it was something that struck deep within Wael as he had grown up in Lebanon where such things weren’t tolerated. He had never questioned his sexuality and sometimes wondered if he should have, did he only express interest in women because he was raised in a society where that was the norm? But holding Ana filled him with a feeling that permanently put that question to rest.

#ShortShortStories #LooksOfLove


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