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Leave It to the Beavers

Zenna put the finishing touches on the final draft of her latest novel before sending it off to her editor, unaware of the intense uphill battle ahead of her. After her blog became popular enough that a publishing house took notice and gave her a deal, she’d had several sci-fi/fantasy hits, a genre typically dominated by male authors. She credited her success to intelligent characters that behaved realistically in situations rather than in a way that conveniently advanced the plot, and that fans respond when you give them what they want. Over a conference call the Chairmen and editors all reassured her that they had no qualms about most of the characters or the overall plot per se, their one and only note concerned the antagonists. When Zenna requested specifics they hemmed and hawed before one said plainly that he didn’t find giant beaver overlords threatening or believable.

#ShortShortStories #LeaveItToTheBeavers


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