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Still the Beavers

Paulo and Drummond got lost after a bear attacked their campsite and destroyed almost all of their gear. It had been two days since their rations ran out and while their water supply could keep them hydrated for another three days they needed food to sustain their energy, more than just the berries and plants they’d been chewing the past few hours. Paulo prepared a fire while Drummond sharpened knives and made spears out of heavy branches. Their plan of attack was simple: they took a few steps, stopped and scanned for life, waited and listened for any rustling or wild calls, then repeated the process. Paulo heard it first, the rushing of a river nearby; fish weren’t their first choice but they couldn’t afford to be selective. They stepped out into a clearing when something quickly stumbled past Drum who stab-stab-stabbed dramatically out of fear and Paulo launched his spear at the furry lump for good measure. After the skinning, gutting, and roasting, they grimaced as they took their first bite, hoping it tasted better than it smelled when Paulo opened it up. To their immense delight it was actually the best food they’d eaten in weeks, even the tail was yummy; the beaver provided them with enough nourishment to last until forest services found them and brought them to safety.

#ShortShortStories #StillTheBeavers


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