a cure for the common block

The Man Who Came Forever

Marvin Boden reflected on his life as he ate dinner, thinking about the decisions he had made and the decisions he hadn’t made. Many had told him that he wouldn’t be where he was today if he had done things differently. As he walked down the long hallway and laid down he knew that they were wrong. The guards strapped him in place and inserted the IV into his arm, one of them asking if he had any last words. He claimed to have no regrets, that he would never apologize for killing the monster that took his son; however, in his next life he would learn that while the punishment may have fit the crime, it was not his right to serve the punishment. It took 4,000 days of living in another man’s shoes to learn this lesson, but he was released and allowed to move on when he finally did.

#ShortShortStories #TheManWhoCameForever


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