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Daddy’s Little Girl

Zig leapt into her bed and pulled up the kit from the bottom shelf of the stand against the wall, pulling out a copy of “The Fury of Samora” and a flashlight as she sat upright under her comforter. She resumed her new favorite book, scanning the pages with the torch and absorbing every word. Esika “Zig” Bolivar was drawn to fantastical adventures as a child, stories that took place in other worlds with heroes destined for greatness, but when her mother got sick and passed away she stopped reading for almost a year. Her father, Aurelio, tried presenting her with more books – some of which were sequels to her favorites – but she retreated further into isolation. One day he walked into his bedroom and found her in his walk-in closet draped in one of her mother’s shawls – he had a flash of watching his late wife reading a book out loud as she rubbed her very pregnant belly. He tapped her on the shoulder and she quickly turned with tears in her eyes and jumped up into his arms, laughing and crying; she had come across a small library of biographies her mother had collected about her heroes – men and women who had overcome great obstacles to make a difference in the world. From that point on Zig wanted to read about real adventures with ordinary people who weren’t granted honor by destiny but had to fight for it.

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