a cure for the common block

But Seriously, Beavers

Achraf enjoyed working as a substitute teacher, for the most part he got to be “the fun teacher” keeping students busy for a day when an instructor got sick in the middle of teaching how to conjugate verbs in French, or Calculus. What he dreaded were standardized test days, when there was nothing he could do to alleviate the students’ pain or ease their resentment for him. The worst was a cold day in Autumn when he was scheduled to cover Thursday and Friday for Mr. Bakker, a 6th grade science teacher. Thursday was the test, Friday were the results AKA The Aftermath; he handed out papers to audible moans, groans, and sighs in the first period. He returned to his desk and tried thinking of a way to turn things up when a freckled girl raised her hand and squinched up her face, obviously perturbed. She quietly approached his desk and brought his attention to a question asking which choice described a marsupial with a flat, paddle-like tail, incorrectly citing “a) Beaver” as the correct answer.

#ShortShortStories #ButSeriouslyBeavers


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