a cure for the common block

Courtin’ Disaster

Wael’s first word was “No” which is normally not worth remarking, however it was in response to a question he hadn’t yet been asked by his mother who was not yet even in the room. This psychic power came at a cost, though, because he did not know the future he would just casually react to it almost involuntarily. By high school he could control it for the most part, resisting the urge to say “You’re welcome” before being thanked, which elicited multiple rude reactions over the years from people mistaking his precognition for sarcasm. He felt it was a curse, creating a lifetime not only of embarrassing moments but the embarrassing memories that haunted him randomly, never happening at a convenient time. His sophomore year of college he was trying to work up the confidence to start a conversation with a girl in his Economics class, but was failing as he psyched himself out with fears of his curse making a fool of himself. As he was walking out he felt a tap on his shoulder and before he could catch himself he spun around and leaned in, kissing the girl softly. He went into shock, unable to speak as internally he screamed, but the girl let out a soft laugh of pleasant surprise and said “That was nice” as she bent down to pick up the piece of paper that fell from her hand, the paper with her phone number on it, the paper she was going to hand him.

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