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A Hunting We Will Go

Imani raised his spear and made peace with Aguta as he stared down the heaving beast. The bear charged, galloping toward Imani desperate for a meal. The last thing she wanted was human flesh, but poachers had consumed much of her typical prey and she hadn’t eaten in nearly three days. Lumbering back to her cave she licked her wounds and fell into a deep sleep on her very full stomach. Meanwhile Imani still stood in the middle of the forest, holding out his spear unaware that the battle was over and he had lost. A warm hand rested on his shoulder turning him around to face not a sickly pale figure cloaked in black, but a lush brown woman draped in luxurious fur; she embraced Imani, enveloping him in her arms as his head lay on her bosom and he returned to the Earth from whence he came.

#ShortShortStories #AHuntingWeWillGO


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