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The Shape of Things

Audria took short shallow breaths as she attempted to remain motionless, but heard snaps and cracks with even the slightest vibrations while a cold sweat ran down her back. It had been precisely two minutes since Lee had run to his truck to grab some rope and she hoped he would appear in her line of sight soon, momentarily glancing down at the literally thin ice she was standing upon. She heard shouts as she saw his figure come into focus from the corner of her eye and reached out as he attempted tossing the rope to her so that he could pull her to safety, even if the sheet broke below her. He wrapped another blanket around her as she shivered wet and cold beside the fire, biding time until the emergency vehicle arrived, hoping to stave off hypothermia. Audria wanted to find sweetness in the competitive spirit her boyfriend brought out in her, but not when it nearly cost her her life; after the ambulance ride she never spoke to Lee again.

#ShortShortStories #TheShapeOfThings


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