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The Girl from Manhattan

As a girl she preferred to be called ‘Amy’, resenting the full name her parents gave her. She believed it to be the pinnacle of hippie-dippie flower-child names; they couldn’t go with something graceful like ‘Lily’ or ‘Daisy’, they went all-out with ‘Amaranth.’ In her second year of law school, however, she began using it on occasion to weed out the less noble and intellectual men expressing interest in her. She found that they would put extra effort into showing interest in such an ‘unusual’ name, or would attempt to impress with trite poetry about flowers and spring. Over time it made her feel more confident, more mature, and she found that her professors (male and female) treated her with more respect. Even her fellow students treated her better; she wasn’t sure if it was the name change or a change in attitude but she appreciated it nonetheless. In her valedictorian speech she thanked her parents for giving her such a strong name – Greek for ‘unfading flower’ – and credited it for helping her find her own inner strength.

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