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It Happened One Afternoon

Pons was startled by the barista’s straightforwardness and wrung his hands as he stumbled for a response to her inquiry about his status. This was a common theme throughout the rest of their ultimately doomed courtship, Pons’ traditional raising left him uncomfortable with brutal honesty (giving or receiving) and speaking his mind, but he pushed himself because he loved Lydia so deeply. A few months after their break-up he felt ready for something meaningful again and knew what he would have to do in order for it to work out. After several rejections accompanied by strong insults he found a partner who agreed to his “radical experiment.” Wanda sat across from Pons as they stared into each others’ eyes taking turns revealing their darkest secrets and most ashamed thoughts confessing things they had never said aloud to themselves, let alone another living soul. Like many of the women who turned him down Wanda feared the judgment and offense her secrets could elicit – not to mention the invasion of privacy – but her curiosity was piqued by learning his secrets and shames. Pons’ intention was merely to make himself more comfortable speaking his mind and hearing harsh truths, but as they confessed they grew closer together; in the span of half an hour a bond was formed stronger than any either had ever felt. In less than a month they were married to the horror of literally everyone in their lives; their parents didn’t attend the wedding; countless friends and family told them they’d be divorced in less than a year; the less skeptical gave it five years. They eventually did part ways when Pons succumbed to heart failure on their 80th wedding anniversary, Wanda rejoined him three days later.

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