a cure for the common block


It was Oscar’s first day of his six-week interrogation training course, and as soon as he set foot in the room his gut grumbled with dread. There were 13 other cadets and they would divide into teams of two or three until every individual had experienced every angle of interrogation: one cadet and one suspect, two and one, one and two. Every day before class Oscar trembled at the thought of his inevitable one on one session with Elisse, triggering the thick, cold sweat that follows the strike of fear; the overwhelming thought of her interrogating him, reading his mind, and discovering his intense affection for her. The nightmares, crashing like waves and waking him throughout his evenings only amplified as the course wore on without resolution. All the nightmares, however, were of her discovering his secret and using it against him. His subconscious never imagined the scenario he found himself in halfway through the course: interrogating Elisse, using the Console to navigate her thoughts and memories, breaking down the mental walls she created to hide private information. Elisse was expertly trained and knew the best method to hide information from interrogation was to not hide it at all, but rather stow it alongside a pleasant thought or memory without shame or guilt… However, while she successfully avoided discovery of her assigned “secrets”, Oscar managed to open a door to a past she had hid even from herself.

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One thought on “Safe

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    a psychological minefield unraveled with great skill.

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