a cure for the common block

Eye of the Beholder

Roda was enjoying her first date with Chester, a sweet guy she took a chance on despite his nebbish demeanor. She was in the middle of convincing herself that she understood and cared about the potential findings from large particle accelerators when a chorus of men shouting “Donny!” rumbled towards them. Chester jolted in his seat and turned to them as they surrounded him and jostled him with whoops and hollers. In that moment Roda saw a glimpse of a relationship where she would harken back on the absurd case of mistaken identity that occurred on their first date, until it was revealed that years earlier Chester was much more outgoing and had earned the title of ‘King of the Donnybrook’ after one too many nights spent in County Lock-Up. Intrigued by the unknown layers lurking below she smiled and made an “I’ll call” gesture as The Boys whisked her date away. Chester thought she was politely blowing him off, until he woke up the next day with a massive hangover and message from her, planning a second date.

#ShortShortStories #TheEyeOfTheBeholder


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