a cure for the common block

Old Flames

Shoshana chewed on her pencil as she absorbed her professor’s lecture. There was no need to take notes, as Dr. Lehr had specifically crafted a method of conveying information by which a majority of students could retain over 80% of the material without a single notation. He observed that humans were hard-wired to remember stories, to tell stories, to the point that we frame our lives within narratives. Thus, his course on the American Revolution was told through stories filled with characters, actions, and memorable plot points. A rising student stole Shoshana’s attention for a moment and her eyes caught the top half of a folded copy of the university newspaper, flooding her mind with glee and schadenfreude, making it near-impossible to pay attention for the last half of class. Bursting through the doors and into the hall when it was finally over, rushing to the nearest basket to grab a copy and read for herself about the “assault” on Eric McCready. The bruise on her tailbone had finally healed, but the bruise left by the school board that refused to take action would last much longer. She suffered another blow when she discovered that not only was the attacker unaware of Eric’s reputation, to her chagrin the attack was far worse than he deserved; a wave of sickness hit her when she realized who she was feeling sorry for.

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