a cure for the common block

Where Nobody Knows Your Name

The old man followed the stone path up the winding mountain, stopping frequently to rest his aching bones. It was said a wise shaman lived at the top and provided wisdom to those who brought him a very special gift: laughter. Through the years many had tried plying him with booze or attempts to tickle, all proved fruitless. Ahote relied more heavily on his cane as he neared the end of his climb, but he did not mind the ache and weariness for they would help sell his joke. He finished the final lines of the joke hunching over and grimacing as he clenched his cane, stunned with relief when the shaman barked with laughter, his eyes glowing with delight. Ahote was welcomed into the shaman’s cabin as he explained his dilemma and need of insight, but Walker – the shaman – tut-tutted him, assuring him that all would be fine. Walker informed him that a man who can make others laugh will always have a friend who is willing to help. Ahote had planned to return home in the morning, but decided to stay with his friend instead.

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