a cure for the common block

Second Time Around

Unlike a wormhole connecting two points in space, the “Oxen Bridge” connected two points in time, usually lasting only a few seconds before collapsing due to the fact that time is not static. However, if the particles can maintain stability it can remain open for hours or even days, moving through the fourth dimension. Henri’s brain felt like it was melting as the small, brownish gentleman explained this to him in response to his quip about “time travel paradoxes.” To his other point, regarding the small device that would expand their understanding of gravitons, he did not bring it from the future; it was actually created before Henri’s time by a brilliant man who’s greatest works were lost and remained undiscovered for over 200 years. Gregory – the small man in the toga – traveled through the bridge and recovered the artifact, bringing it to Henri. As he accepted the device he asked why him, and Gregory said that he had changed history once, this time he should at least be allowed to remember it.

#ShortShortStories #SecondTimeAround

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