a cure for the common block

Crash of the Titans

Tele faced a dilemma: to do the right thing or the selfish thing? She clasped her hands over her chest and focused on her Song for the answer, it kicked up a cocktail of emotions, memories, and thoughts making her realize that as much as it pained her to cause her friend grief it was the right thing to do. The “Song” was an organ located in the chest of Tuleans connected to the brain, functioning as a moral compass by accessing various parts of the brain. They believed it to be an organism that formed a symbiotic bond with their host, but never had access to technology to confirm it. They had evolved in the shadows of a technologically advanced world, hiding from threats, learning their secrets, biding their time. The transition of power was almost seamless as the previous rulers fell to plague, and despite now possessing the tools to research themselves they had long grown out of that phase, and instead wanted to explore the rest of the Universe. Developing in a world of science they never had use for religion, which was ironic because if they had ever studied their Song they would have discovered that it was a tangible soul.

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