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What’s Up, Doc?

The waiting room was silent except for Jacob’s wristwatch tick tick ticking, one receptionist was retrieving a file from a back room and the other was delivering a file to the suite across the hall. A muffled commotion suddenly boomed through the walls with several voices shouting over one another, two men and one woman, but he couldn’t make anything out clearly except for an occasional “No!” and “Stop!” Jacob stood up, carefully maneuvering around and ducking under the receptionist’s desk, in case the situation escalated to a “chase” situation. The voices moved up and down the hall behind the door, one pacing back and forth warding off people at both ends. As silence fell he wondered why he didn’t just run away and reschedule his appointment, they wouldn’t charge him a penalty fee if his imagination of what went on was remotely accurate. He rose and began walking out when a man burst through the door behind the desk, grabbing Jacob’s wrist and pulling him along, but the crack, crunch, and howl as he collapsed stopped the maniac and reminded Jacob why he didn’t just walk away.

#ShortShortStories #WhatsUpDoc?


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One thought on “What’s Up, Doc?

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    Eerie. Are they halting the werewolf transformation, or do I just love werewolves?

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