a cure for the common block

The Art of the Steal

The detective was at a dead end; after an hour of interrogation he got the accomplice to confess everything he knew, but it wasn’t physically possible. His partner suggested Occam’s Razor: he’s lying, but Det. Klein knew he was telling the truth, or at the very least he believed the story he was telling. “When you lie,” he informed Det. Flitch “you’re accessing the imagination, which puts events into chronological order to tell a story. When you tell the truth you access your memory which remembers the landmarks, but not the contextual details necessary for those plot points to make sense. He had to backtrack at least five times to bring up something he forgot to mention: the baby, the candles, the…”, and that was when he figured out how a man could be in two places 30 miles apart within a five minute window. Arresting the Matti twins brought him accolades and a promotion; he could have risen in the ranks much faster if he had played the game, but he truly valued justice over power.

#ShortShortStories #TheArtOfTheSteal


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