a cure for the common block

The New Look

Dobie lowered the goggles over his eyes, tucked the towel into his shirt collar, and took off zooming around the house, imagining himself to be Earth’s mightiest defender. Dobie Dil was merely the secret identity for Mr. Amazing, when not fighting crime he pretended to be an average 4th grader who hated homework and Brussels sprouts, only shedding the disguise when trouble required his presence. Mr. Amazing hatched from an egg on a distant planet and was thrust into a cruel world alone, his senses sharpened due to obstacles non-existent on Earth, his muscles and bones were also stronger in order to resist the intense gravity of his homeworld – ten times that of this planet. Building a spacecraft and traveling the Universe defending planets from evil, he met his match on Xorb where he was narrowly defeated when the diabolical Doctor Untak zapped him with a ray that destabilized his natural powers and reverted him to his childhood form. Running to his ship and escaping through a wormhole, he ejected just before his ship crashed into the ocean and parachuted to safety in a nearby forest. He was found by local law enforcement, who eventually processed him through a bureaucratic system and placed him into foster care. He had long learned that the – what this planet called – “human” form was not uncommon throughout the Universe and went along with their rules and instructions, biding his time until his powers returned and he could continue his mission of peace and justice.

#ShortShortStory #TheNewLook


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