a cure for the common block

An American Family

On Kulu Island the name “Selagot” was revered, a traditional name belonging to the family of royals who gave power to citizens and freed the enslaved natives. “Come on, Uncle Silly Goat!” Penelope beckoned to her mother’s new brother-in-law as the young man bellowed a hearty laugh and jogged up the trail, swooping her up in his long, thick arms and settling her on his shoulders like she did with her stuffed animals. It was his first quality time with Wendy’s family, and while not outwardly nervous there was a question nagging at the back of his mind throughout the hike. For the most part he could avoid them by chatting with Penny, asking her which college she planned to attend, then telling her it’s “never too early” when she said she was “Only five.” Wendy’s father began prepping dinner while the rest set up the tents. As Selagot watched his bride he decided that whether her family already knew or not, that night over dinner he would give a toast to her, his Queen.

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