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Mind Your Own Business

Tameka realized in high school she would always have to be two people: her true self, who knew answers before asking the question, and her projected self, who was unsure and timid; it’s when she learned that the proper response to “You’re hot” was “Really?”, not “I know” – no matter flirtatiously it was said. She often wondered where her ability came from, what part of her brain allowed her to pick up people’s thoughts. Contrary to popular belief she didn’t “read” minds, thoughts took the forms of images and voices, were rarely like words on a page, and also rarely linear as speech. She didn’t sense them with her eyes and ears either, she sensed them in her own mind, crowded around her own thoughts; it took years of training to block them out or sort through them at will, the side-effect being labeled “developmentally challenged” most of her childhood. One day walking around campus she passed a group of people and nearly collapsed from a cacophonous feedback of thoughts, when she turned to see what could have caused this she noticed a young man staring back at her having the same reaction. As she focused, the other most common question Tameka wondered was finally answered in the most perfect way:  absolute silence.

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One thought on “Mind Your Own Business

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I’ll bet she could say “I know” to the young man staring back and he would get it. I really have been enjoying the theme of “sensory perception” and how it’s experienced internally and externally. The description of her experience is my favorite.

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