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A Girl in Her Twenties

Desi intended for a relaxing evening at McWhatever’s so-called “Pub”, but realized it was a futile effort as he intercepted a fratboy’s approach of a brunette woman, advising that “‘No’ means ‘No'”. Although obviously smaller, and at a significant physical disadvantage against the jockish bro staring him down, the crowd which had turned their attention to them gave him a quantifiable advantage in the arena of public perception. Desi wasn’t motivated by the accolades provided by the audience, although he did enjoy them until Allison, the generic female he stepped up to “protect” dressed him down in a manner he had never before experienced. He thought he was being chivalrous, and she made it abundantly clear that his behavior completely opposed chivalry. She spoke with more force and eloquence than he had used on the man pestering her. He realized that if he had not intervened, she would have done a far better job of exposing the bro’s foolishness, and would have probably made him cognizant of his ignorance.

#ShortShortStories #AGirlInHerTwenties


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One thought on “A Girl in Her Twenties

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    generic female. it sounds like he won’t be thinking that way again, one hopes.

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