a cure for the common block

Bob Hits the Ceiling

Robert was hesitant to agree to a blind date set up by his friend Nia, but the evening began with promise: physically she was certainly his type and she did seem to get his sense of humor, though he was struck by her cacophonous laugh. He feigned interest in her boring, winding stories that circled around and around before ever reaching a point and struggled to not literally cringe at her repeated mispronunciations and misuses of words. Robert wondered if he had somehow wronged Nia and this was her slow, torturous revenge? This woman was an aggravating blatherskite and yet he saw glimmers of wit through cracks in her wall of yammering. When it finally ended he graciously bid her adieu and suggested they stay in touch, lying that he needed to check his schedule. Robert trudged home after a miserable evening with an uncouth woman.

#ShortShortStories #BobHitsTheCeiling


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