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Who Is Mr. X?

Aiden bounced his son on his knee trying to steal his attention with goofy noises and scrunchy faces, but Bash was completely focused on a patch of nothing on the wall to his left. This didn’t completely bother Aiden since it at least kept him quiet. This would happen from time to time over a couple years, Bash would stare at nothing as if there was something incredibly fascinating, or sometimes entertaining. One such day – around when he was three – Aiden asked him what he was looking at, and Bash gave a simple answer: Mr. Maye; Aiden tried to press further, but Bash wasn’t quite old enough to articulate anything beyond a man wearing a hat. Aiden was perplexed and somewhat frustrated, but when the “visits” from Mr. Maye stopped happening Aiden chalked it up to his toddler’s wild imagination. Shortly after his sixth birthday, however, he caught Bash looking up and whispering in the direction of the toaster, shutting up as soon as his father passed the doorway, despite having his back turned to him.

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One thought on “Who Is Mr. X?

  1. Moody Paper on said:

    I don’t know if Mr. Maye is well intentioned or not, he could just be following protocol, or this could be much more sinister. I’d like to pre-order Bash’s autobiography, this is one I’m really curious about. How will dad guide him as he gets older? Or will Bash be labelled schizophrenic in his 20’s? How will his relationship with Mr. Maye develop?

    more random thoughts as I read: At first I thought his staring spells were going to be absence seizures. That made me think of the indigo child, which dad could use to explain these occurrences.

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