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Easy for You to Say

Criseline didn’t even bother to correct the substitute mangling the pronunciation of her name – thousands had come before him. Besides, he was only subbing one day and if she could keep a low profile for another sixty minutes she could avoid an awkward situation requiring her to correct him for the sake of his own embarrassment. Ironically, if her sociology professor hadn’t called in sick he would have taught the class about this issue and the perpetuation of privilege through uncorrected ignorance, but instead this twenty-something was going on about the social contract with his stupid dimples and deep blue eyes… Criseline’s thoughts trailed off as she focused on the intensity of his eyes, she had never seen such a dark shade in eyes. At the end of the period she walked to his desk to turn in the busywork he’d assigned and they made eye contact as he smiled to thank her. In that moment she realized the color of his eyes summed him up perfectly: apparently deep and fascinating, but completely fake.

#ShortShortStories #EasyForYouToSay


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