a cure for the common block

A Love Story

Walt, Flint, and Jade hated each other, then they turned seven and became best friends – such was the simplicity of childhood. The teen years, however, were much more tumultuous and significantly less predictable. They eventually graduated from the same University and rented an apartment together while working a frequently-changing series of part-time jobs. Flint and Jade had done the awkward “are we friends or more” thing in high school, and Walt and Flint had a similar weekend in college, but the thought never crossed the minds of either Jade or Walt, although both would freely admit attraction to the other it was nothing more than an observation. So it was strange that Walt interrupted her preparations the day of her wedding, but in truth it was an act of love; not romantic love, it was entirely platonic, done out of care for his friend and her safety. Others looked away and pretended not to notice, even Flint pretended to believe that she had suddenly become so accident-prone in the past few years – yes, the woman who studied ballet her entire life and made a living as a ballerina is now a total klutz. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life and, thanks to the rude interruption of her oldest friend, it was.

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